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  • A farmers' celebration and their way of life

    Fields Of Hope

“My grandfather used to say that in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman, and a preacher, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.”

Brenda Schoepp

This project represents the culmination of photographs created on farms in the Thousand Islands in Ontario, Canada. It is a collection of images that celebrates farmers and their way of life. With it, my goal is to create awareness about the challenges our farmers are facing every day, praise and honour their craft and to remind the world that what they do is extremely valuable and essential to our basic survival.

“Little did I know when I bought a pair of rubber boots four years ago that my life was about to change."

Andrée Anna Thorpe


Kitchen Table Seed House

We at Kitchen Table Seed House are dedicated to providing the most productive and flavourful varieties of organic vegetables, herbs and flowers for you to grow and enjoy - both in your gardens and in your kitchens. - Annie Richard and Kathy Rothermel

"It seems peculiar that when most people think of food, they think of an old family recipe, a favorite restaurant, or a readymade packaged meal. Most people don’t actually think of seeds as the first link in the food chain that sustains all life forms, or the miracle and gift from nature that they truly are."

Root Radical CSA

“I decided to start exploring the ways that growing vegetables organically could have positive impact in my community and for the Earth. ” – Emily Dowling

This work and series of photographs is an exploration of the growing movement of highly educated, first-time farmers. These farmers are working at creating a sustainable food movement. They find ways to farm premium fresh, organic, healthy foods. Many of them are involved in their local food systems via community supported agriculture (CSA) programs and farmers markets. They have a broad impact on the food system and the farming landscape in the Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada.

Ironwood Organics

“Keeping the landrace cereal varieties alive is an investment in our future. It may be a long shot, but having seeds that are 'climate ready' may save the day.... some day...some day soon.” – Chris Wooding

On this farm, it is all about passion for the land, vintage seeds, ecological systems and more… They produce organic cereals including wheat, rye, oats and barley. Passion would be the best word to describe this farmer. They believe that a mixed farm model, pre 1950, along with organic agriculture practices will provide a stable sustainable farming model that enhances biodiversity, produces premium products, and minimizes ecological impact.

Doublejay Farm

: “A lot of people think they couldn’t do it, but I disagree with that. You get used to it, and you like it.” - Tim Dowling

In this project, I am looking to show farming life in relation with its environment: working with their bare hands; using traditional practices, which for most of us seems hard work (and it is) when running a small sustainable farm.

The farmers take huge risks to stay committed to organic farming, counting on their human capabilities, especially in the face of the unpredictability of the weather. Not only this, farming is a daily struggle to maintain healthy traditions and resources from the challenges coming from globalization, competing technology, and large corporation agribusiness.

Lemoine Point Farm

“In a lot of ways, I never felt like I really fit in this world. Being in the farming world is the closest I’ve ever felt to that.” – Jesse Archibald

In the light of this farm, I am exploring the nature of the farmer relationships with his animals and the land. The farmer appreciates the animals for more than their production utility and sees them as individuals. Each contributes to the well-being of the other; humans provide the feed and housing for animals, and the animals give him improved nutrition, better health, and companionship.

Secret Lavender Field of Bonniespring

“One thing that’s different in our case is that it’s a specialty crop. There is no call to be there at six am.” – Keith Gawronski

On this farm I had the opportunity to photograph something different. Nice smelly flowers, colors, and working with two amazing individuals.

Calling all local and regional day-trippers, who have an interest in lavender or simply enjoy gardening! Keith and Darcy are the owners of a lavender farm in a beautiful field, hidden by forest, on Bonniespring, a historic farm in rural Kingston. They work together and founded a business of growing lavender.

Their Stories

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