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Holy Cow!

farmers Ontario Canada

Holy Cow! These were my words when I saw Alana picking up the calf and wrapped “Henry” around her neck.  Yaaaa, a 85 pounds baby!  She carried it back to the barn and reunited him with his mom “Fran”.

When a cow is ready to give birth she will try to find a clean and dry area away from other cows. As long as the calf is in the correct position for birth, the labour should not need any human assistance. The cow will often eat the after birth, as this would attract predators in the wild. Fran went a little too deep in the forest, so Alana found Henry and brought him back to the barn for safety.

At Double Jay Farms, the cows get to graze in fresh grass everyday and there is a field named “The Mountain” located all along the river with a nice forest filled with beautiful trees ranging from oaks, maples and apple trees just to name a few. It is a magical place to hang out for humans and the cows.

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